Key Benefits

Our solutions will boost safety, profitability and the ecological footprint by factors. Our system is scalable with any sensor that is imaginable, independent from a suppliers solution and made for a heavy and rugged use.

Infrasens allows you a high density data management to boost safety (unexpected event alerts), maintenance your infrastructure in advance, cut maintenance and total cost of ownership costs dramatically and reduce the ecological footprint. Our system can be used in different areas and can be combined with each other. No matter if you want to measure wastewater or your the health of your bridge.

The open design allows us to integrate every conceivable sensor and to build up maintenance and measurement networks across all manufacturers.

Our solutions are the digital tool for engineers and building-owners.

High density data management
Increase lifetime of your infrastructure
High speed alert in case of and the ability to make corrective actions as soon as possible
Condition monitoring and reduced manual inspection
manual documentation interface
Increasing productivity of your assets and infrastructure
Decreasing maintenance costs